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Enterprise Engineering & Construction mobility solutions & mobile apps development. iOS & Android apps for building inspection and project management

Mobile solutions and enterprise mobile app development solutions for Engineering & Construction

Enterprises in engineering and construction rely on Rainmaker Labs to help them utilize mobile technologies & develop engineering & construction mobility solutions to boost efficiency levels, implement real-time information flow, improve inventory management, and facilitate solid decisions that are backed by data. We raise the bar with the digital solutions that leverage mobile, cloud, wearables, and analytics  in this field, enabling companies to react quickly and effectively to challenges and sustain their leading position in the industry.

Digital solutions for enterprise mobility

The engineering & construction mobility solutions from Rainmaker Labs open up multiple avenues for businesses in engineering and construction to reach their maximum potential.
Employees can manage distant project sites with GPS positioning stamps, be equipped with wearables and mobile devices that aid with on-site reporting, and take stock via remote means. Our engineering & construction mobility solutions also enable companies to rapidly analyze important data to make highly informed and profitable decisions.
The team at Rainmaker Labs innovates with customized platforms that leverage the best that engineering & construction mobility solutions have to offer, speeding up processes and reducing operating costs.

Utilizing mobility to connect the office to the field

An advantage of utilizing engineering & construction mobility solutions is that companies can operate with a seamless mobile communications channel between office and the field, creating faster processes that are paperless.
Building inspectors in the field, for example, face large requirements such as roofing, interior finishes, plumbing systems, energy efficiency, structural design, and safety systems such as fire alarms and emergency exits. Rainmaker Labs assists the inspector to manage and keep track of each and every item in the checklist with engineering & construction mobility solutions. For construction project management, the major challenge today is the problem of ever increasing costs.
We tackle this issue head-on by raising efficiency levels of architects, supervisors, builders, and other stakeholders through engineering & construction mobility in the form of smartphones or tablets. This has been tried-and-tested to improve communication and collaboration, which helps to drive costs down.

Leveraging technology for a mobile retail advantage

Rapid advances in tablet and smartphones have created new challenges for brick-and-mortar retailers who face an online population who are progressively in favor of buying online on the Web or retail apps from the comfort of their own homes. Online retailers have the competitive edge over physical outlets with ability to trace and track the online journey of their customers with predictive analytics that aid them in making marketing and sales decisions that strengthens their brand and product proposition. Rainmaker Labs bridges the gap for mall operators and physical retailers, developing online shopping apps and utilizing iBeacon technology to provide business intelligence and analytical insight on their customers that was previously unavailable. The team at Rainmaker Labs has helped physical retailers profile shoppers and analyze customer traffic to target key consumer groups and fine-tune marketing and sales strategies that create an unforgettable mobile experience for consumers.