iBeacon Technology Application to Enhance Event Experience


The Temasek Mobile app allows interactive greetings of event’s guests as they enter the event venue. Leveraging on the iBeacon technology, it is possible for the system to ‘sense’ the presence of an event attendee and greet him/her on first name/last name basis. This feature gives an even more personalized event experience to event attendees. Besides personalized greetings, the iBeacon technology enables Temasek mobile app to prompt relevant information according to attendee’s presence/location inside the event venue.
  • iOS mobile app
  • UI/UX
  • Mobility Platform: Content Management
  • Beacon Management System
  • iBeacon Technology
  • Interactive TV Display

Personalized Greetings

The Temasek personalized greeting feature uses a TV screen to display a personalized welcome message to event attendees as they entered the venue. Alternatively, personalized welcome message can be delivered to attendee’s smartphone via push notification. The personalized greeting feature requires a beacon hardware to be placed in the proximity of venue’s entrance. This hardware is the one which is going to recognize the presence of attendees. As attendees’ smartphone picks up the signal that is emitted by the beacon hardware, the mobile app sends attendee’s details such as first name/last name to the system and to be displayed on the TV screen. The personalized greeting is only one of beacon technology applications in event. The beacon technology allows mobile app to perform any actions that a smartphone may do as beacon signal is picked up by user’s smartphone. Other application of beacon technology includes mobile coupon triggering and data mining


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