An Ecosystem of Apps That Aids Your Doctor Finding


GetDoc’s Ecosystem of Apps consists of a patient’s website, clinic’s iPad mobile app and patient’s mobile app. A website that compliments your mobile app extends your reach to mobile users beyond the appstore’s recommendation. Further, the functional website caters to those users without a smartphone. The GetDoc patient’s app focuses on aiding patient’s finding of suitable doctors by providing a list of doctors and clinics, which is narrowed down according to nearest location (to patient), doctor’s gender, specialty, insurance covers and availability date and time. The experience extends further beyond providing a listing, the GetDoc app also aids easier appointment booking (empowered by Rainmaker Labs’ Mobility Platform: Appointment Booking module) by making it available online. Patients can easily register to book an appointment and choose one of the available dates and times. A confirmation email will be sent upon clinic’s confirmation of appointment booking.
  • Web Development
  • IPad Mobile App
  • Android and iOS Mobile App
  • UI/UX
  • Mobility Platform: Appointment Booking
  • Geo Location Filter

Enabling The Clinics to Self-Manage Appointment Bookings

The GetDoc iPad app caters to the clinic administrative staff. The iPad app allows the clinic to manage the clinic opening hours and availability date, clinic’s doctors and their profile. Further, all appointment bookings from patients’ app will be displayed accordingly. The clinic will only receive appointment bookings for doctors under the clinic. Re-scheduling an appointment is also faster and easier using the iPad app, the iPad app prompts rescheduling option, including other availability dates and the reason of reschedule. Patients will get notified in their app as reschedule request is made.

Online Appointment Booking for Healthcare Industry

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