27 Oct 2014

More Use Cases for iBeacon technology in Asia | BLEep Beacon Solution

More Use Cases for iBeacon technology in Asia | BLEep Beacon Solution

Singapore, 27 October 2014 – BLEep Beacon Solutions, Asia’s widely adopted end-to-end beacon solution developed by Rainmaker Labs, has deployed 5,000 beacons and currently serves a portfolio of more than 250 commercial clients in the region, including notable multinational companies such as Starhub, Telkomsel, Siam Commercial Bank (SCB) and Konica Minolta.

To date, over 1 million business-to-customer mobile interactions have been generated by businesses using BLEep to engage with their customers in a physical space and gain access to data intelligence on offline customer behaviour.

Following the release of Apple’s iBeacon technology last September, Rainmaker Labs piloted a project to validate the market’s demand for iBeacon technology and develop an industry-grade Beacon Solution, comprising of BLEep Beacons, which was co-developed by A*STAR, and BLEep Beacon Management System (BMS).

Findings from the pilot project are consistent with the forecast by ABI Research – iBeacon technology is here to stay and projected to create a 60 million unit market by 2019. BLEep will be releasing new functionalities of BLEep Beacon Management System to meet the increasing demands of businesses. BMS Users can look forward to new features such as time scheduling and more communication types.

Alex Leong, Chief Executive Officer of Rainmaker Labs, says: “Although iBeacon technology is relatively nascent, it is starting to make big impact here in Asia. With iBeacon technology, enterprises are now able to counter offer, up or cross sell their products and services in real-time based on their customers’ location. iBeacon solutions, like BLEep, also provide enterprises a better understanding of their customers so they can tailor and enhance future customer experiences. This is a win-win situation for both enterprises and customers.”

Going forward, Rainmaker Labs will continue to develop BLEep for enterprises & individuals and is looking at expansion into other markets.

About BLEep Beacon Solutions

BLEep is an end-to-end Beacon Solution for location-based customer engagement, comprising of BLEep Beacon Management System and BLEep beacons. BLEep gives Businesspersons, Developers and Marketers a competitive edge by providing them with technologies to win & keep customers with 360° marketing, increase sales with on-site customer targeting and amaze users with rich mobile experiences.

About Rainmaker Labs

Rainmaker Labs Private Limited (‘RML’) is an award-winning technology company which creates Internet-of-Things enterprise solutions to connect people with machines. It is backed by the National Research Foundation (NRF) under the Technology Incubation Scheme (TIS) and investors consisting of angel investors, corporate entities and IncuVest.

RML provides clients with an unsurpassed competitive edge and first-mover advantage with its cutting edge technologies, such as BLEep Beacon solutions, Rainmaker CRM & Loyalty software and custom mobile and web solutions.

Since its inception in 2011, RML has established itself as Asia’s market leader in mobile technology solutions and continues to be the technology provider of choice. Headquartered in Singapore with offices all around South East Asia, RML is well-positioned to be the middleware of choice for a beacon-enabled world.

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For more information on the BLEep, please refer to our fact sheet. Please feel free to drop an email for other queries. High-resolution logos and product images are also available.

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