07 Jul 2016

Innovative Platform for Rapid Deployment of Enterprise Mobile Application Solutions


Deployment of Enterprise Mobile Application Solutions

Rainmaker Labs has launched the Rainmaker Mobility Platform (RMP) in June 2016.

Rainmaker Mobility Platform is a MBaaS (Mobile Backend as a Service) which enables mobile applications to be built via its rapid deployment architecture. In addition, Rainmaker Labs will leverage its capability in mobile application development to provide ready solutions in more than 10+ vertical industries. This solves the 2 biggest issues facing enterprises today:

Nowadays, there are only little expertise regarding mobility, also, it often takes too long from the concept validation to development to deployment of the mobile solution.

The RMP is an out-of-the-box-ready Mobility Platform Core, which allows mobile application solutions can be easily built upon. Compare to start from scratch, it shorten a large scale of deployment time.


Ready App Solution

There are four major RMP solutions which are ready for different industries.

F&B – Food ordering, bill payment, and food process tracking system

Facility Booking – Book facilities and purchase relevant services all at once Event

Management – Keep participant updates and engage before during, and even after the event

Employment & Customers Portal – Effective communication, data organising, and purchase tools among employer, employees and customers

If you wish to find out more about our ready mobile app solutions and how it benefit your business, please visit Rainmaker Labs or contact readyapps@rainmaker-labs.com

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