07 Oct 2015

Benefits of Using Native Applications

Native app is turning out to be one of the best investments in engaging mobile strategies. Mobile phone users these days have become more accustomed to these native mobile phone apps and spend a large amount of time on using them.

Native Apps:

Most of the time, people get confused and could not differentiate the mobile apps with native apps and also question why and how native apps are better than the former.

Native apps that are developed to be used on a particular platform or the device like iPhone, Android etc. The iPhone native apps are written in Java language. This means app developer has to design each app according to different device, differently.  And hence one native app designed for a particular platform cannot be used in others. While in case of mobile web apps this is not the case. They are designed to be used in all types of mobile phone devices and platforms.

Today Native apps are ruling mobile apps development market because they offer a large number of benefits to the users as well as the brand. Here are some of the benefits that we have round up for you out of many.

  • Native apps can be used offline. Which means you can use it even at the places where you do not have access to internet or Wi Fi connection.
  • These are easy to understand and that is why can engage more users.
  • Native apps help the brand interaction by sending push messages to the users. It also sends notifications and reminders.
  • Native apps give more comfortable and smoother user experience. It responses better on swipes and pinches. Swiping back and forth is easier on native apps for more functionality. Web app does not respond smoothly on these gestures and hence cannot provide similar user experience.
  • Browsing websites on your mobile phone is much costlier in comparison to using native apps.
  • Native apps respond faster and function more effectively in comparison to mobile apps. Zoom and multi touch functions can be best used in Native apps.
  • It not only gives ultimate user experience but is also much easier to be developed. As you have to focus on just one types of device or the platform for some native app, building it is also much easier in comparison to mobile web apps.
  • Native apps communicate with Bluetooth, USB, GPS, camera etc with more ease. Web apps are not only very sophisticated in comparison to native apps but also are not that easy to communicate with device hardware.

Mobile web apps are also important and offer many benefits to the company but native apps certainly have upper hand in most of the cases. It offers greater and smoother experience. That is why now bigger and very well known companies are also switching from mobile apps to native apps.

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