18 Feb 2016

Apps to Help you be more Productive while Studying

Staying focused is difficult, and is a skill that many people lack with technology taking over every aspect of our lives. This is because there are plenty of technological distractions competing for your undivided attention.

With the influx of emails in your inbox, too many tabs open in your browser, and constant notifications ringing from your phone, it’s not hard to see why the level of focus and productivity in both the work place and while studying has become less and less.

There’s nothing quite as dissatisfying as thinking back on your day and wondering what you did or didn’t get done, and to realise you could have done a lot more. In this article we look at four apps aimed to help you experience a more focused and more productive day, leaving you happy and satisfied by the time you have finished studying or completed an assignment.


Track Time App

By auditing how you are spending your time with the TrackTime app for Mac, you can look back on what you have done throughout your day and how long it took you, in order to maximise the rest of your week. This app runs in the background tracking everything you do on your computer, and then at the end of the day gives you a detailed report on how much time you completing an assignment for your computer course in Singapore, replying to your emails and searching for information on the internet, for example.


Evernote App

Evernote is a great online app to house everything you want to remember. It’s the perfect place to store your photos, web pages, notes, PDF files, audio clips, and to-do lists. Evernote is an impressive app that should not be overlooked when it comes to helping your productivity level, and is handy tool that can be used on the go, at a class, or at home. It also has an indexing feature, meaning you can access any information you add to the app on all of your devices (including your desktop and mobile phone).


Focusbooster App

Based on the Pomodoro Technique – where you alternate 25-minute working blocks with short breaks – this app aims to help you maintain sustainable, long-term productivity while working on tasks that are mind-consuming. With the help of Focusbooster, or Tomighty for those who are not using an Apple product – you will be able to keep yourself focused while studying to reduce mental exhaustion.


Lift App

As a student, whatever your age, you will have goals that you will want and need to turn into action. The Lift app will help you do just that. On Lift you will find expert-led plans and community habits, as well as place to add your own goals and priorities. You will be able to track and record the progress of your new assignment or essay, as well as set reminders to keep you going, making it a suitable app to keep you as productive as possible.

Whatever your day consists of, the above apps will help you get more done throughout your day, faster.

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